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What Is Kretek?

Kretek is a special blend of cigarette with a mixture of superior tobacco, clove spice and flavouring sauce that are uniquely Indonesian creation. Cloves, one of the three main ingredients, are indigenous to the island country. Indonesia’s rich and fertile soils, tropical climates and rainfall patterns, yield some of the best tobaccos in the world.


The making of Kretek cigarettes is a complex process where a single blend may use over 30 types of different tobaccos to achieve the perfect balance. The age of the tobaccos chosen and the proportion of tobaccos to cloves plays a crucial role in getting the taste right.


The final ingredient of the Kretek cigarettes is the flavouring sauce that enhances the taste. The sauce is made from a closely guarded recipe containing spice and fruit essences, herbal extracts and numerous natural aromas that makes up the distinct flavour of kretek cigarettes.


With so many variables involved, it’s no wonder that the kretek cigarettes experience stands in a league of its own.


There's no reason why the kretek ciggarettes can't take its place alongside cuban cigars and french wine.


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