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Orange Flavor

  • ESSE Shuffle Pop - Clove Cigarette
    $5.80 Choose Options ESSE Shuffle Pop - Clove Cigarette
    15 Mg of Tar and 0.9 Mg of Nicotine. 1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.  

  • Raison Sun Presso
    $9.30 Choose Options Raison Sun Presso
    Raison Sun Presso lineup launched in 2012. Company officials said consumers will now be able to choose from four different products in the series. According to the firm, each cigarette contains a capsule in the filter...

  • This Africa Random Five
    $9.30 Choose Options This Africa Random Five
    Thi$ Africa MOLA - Random Five different flavors in a pack. Now you can choose from rula, apple, lime, orange and strawberry flavors. Each cigarette contain a capsule in the filter that release up to five different...